Order Flow

❶ Quote and request

Feel free to make enquiries about our metalwork or product development. With our in-house quote system we can speedily calculate any quote.

❷ Meeting

We conduct thorough meetings with the customer in order to develop a product to meet the customer’s needs. Without reducing product quality we examine the product blueprint to reduce any unnecessary costs.

❸ Material Purchase

We purchase materials appropriate for the manufacturing process that will create a product that is highest quality and lowest cost.

❹ Machining Process

We operate 24 hours a day using the latest NC lathe bar machining to produce high quality products.

❺ Cleaning

We use the latest washing machines to clean to oil and impurities from the finished product.

❻ Secondary Processing

During secondary processing we use industrial robots running 24 hours a day to finish off high quality products.

❼ Surface Treatment

Our partner companies in Yamagata Town (previously Miyama) can offer buff and metal plating surface treatment.

❽ Assembly

As with our own shower head, we can partly or fully assemble the products according to the customer’s needs.

❾ Appearance and Dimension inspection

We perform precision inspection using the latest image measuring equipment and surface roughness measuring equipment. Visual appearance is carried out by sampling.

❿ Packaging

We take care in packing each individual product.

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