Online sale

Official sales Web Shop

Ariamisto, Bollina, Ariamisto Pro can be purchased at the official sales web shops or any stores.

The official web sales shops for Ariamisto Bollina, Ariamisto Bollina PRO etc.

Official Stores

Original Ariamisto Bollina products are stocked at:
  • ■Tokyuu Hands
  • ■Loft
  • ■Big Camera
  • ■Yodobashi Camera
  • ■Viva Home
  • ■Keio Atman
  • ■Shimachu Home Center
  • ■Aeon
  • ■Home Expo
  • ■Arima Onsen Suzuran no Yu
  • ■TOKYU HavestClub
  • ■Various beauty salons / beauty treatment salons
  • ■Japan Bussan Net
  • ■Pro Convenience

Details for internet shop clients

We will negotiate directly with any clients wishing to sell the products through Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo or any web shops. Please contact us directly here.

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