Mixed Jet

What is the mix jet?

The mix jet mixes large amounts of fine air bubbles into the water increasing the volume of the water. This increases water pressure to create a comfortable water flow which will also clean the skin.Patent number 3747323

What is the Air Jacket ®?

There is an air pocket between the shower head housing and the water pipe. This air jacket stops the shower head outer from getting hot.

※Trademark No. 5786936※Patent pending※Design application pending

Mix jet method saves water and saves energy.

Using a shower head utilizing the mix jet method we can save 50% of water. You can enjoy water saving. A family of 4 could save roughly 60,000 liters of water per year. That means about 60 yen per day or 20,000 yen per year. Using less water also saves on the heating cost which also means it is earth friendly reducing CO2 emission. By connecting the water adjustment adaptor you can regulate the amount of water being used to adjust the water saving rate. The new model Schiuma also reduces shower sound.

Mixed Jet Shower Head (Water Saving Type)

AriaMisto Schiuma
10,800円 (tax not included)
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AriaMisto Schiuma
8,800円 (tax not included)
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The high quality water saving features of the Ariamisto are incorporated into a shower head that fits perfectly into a women’s hand. Air bubbles mixed into the water increase water volume. Compared to a standard shower head using the same volume of water, the Ariamisto has a higher washing performance. Based on research on the traditional Ariamisto, improvements have been made such as the showering area being made wider giving a more gentle water feeling on your skin.

AriaMisto Risaia
16,000円 (tax not included)
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AriaMisto Risaia
14,000円 (tax not included)
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A one touch water stopper has been added to the mix jet water shower Ariamisto Risaia. Development of new technology enables integration of the shower head housing. The lighter weight reduces risk of damage when dropped. The elimination of any seams enhances the beauty and makes maintenance easier. A sliver shower head has been added to the lineup in response to enquiries from Spa facilities. Tanaka Metal Factory prides itself on being able to respond to the needs of our customers,

6,648円 (tax not included)
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Ariamisto is a patented mix jet method shower head (Patent No. 3747323). Mixing air into the water increases the volume while reducing the amount of water used by up to 50%. It is highly recommended for Spas and public baths.

Production by Order

This is an adapter that you can connect to your favorite shower head to gain up to 50% water saving. It utilizes our original mix jet method maintaining water pressure while saving water. The water pressure will of course vary between areas. The water flow can be adjusted to suit your needs.

※This item is manufactured for specific orders only and is not available for general sales. Please contact us for further details.

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