Water Saving Shower head Adapters.

Water Saving Shower head Adapters.

Shower Kaiteki (Comfort) Fitting
Water saving device for faucet/TK-2010
2,000円 (tax not included)
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Overcomes the problem of the shower head
becoming difficult to rotate due to water pressure.

Have you ever experienced problems of the shower head going sideways when shampooing? It was meant to be straight on the shower head holder. Water pressure can cause this problem. The “Shower Kaiteki Fitting” allows the shower head to rotate freely not influenced by the water pressure.

It can be connected to the following shower heads with

G12 threads: Tanaka Metal Factory, TOTO, INAX, Sanei, Kakudai, Takagi Alramic Ltd, MTG Water Life, Groe, Omiko East Japan etc.

※May not be suitable for use with MYM、KVK、Gastor or Noritz products.

Kaiteki (comfort) Joint
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price 2,500円 (tax not included)
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Quick replacement of shower head.
You can enjoy your shower time by using a shower head suitable for you.

Every family member seeks a different feature from a shower head. There are features such as high water pressure, cosmetic action or chlorine removal. Using this quick connect joint it becomes easy to interchange between shower heads so everyone can easily use their own shower head.

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