Scalp care shower head/TK-6001
7,800円 (tax not included)
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shower head for scalp care.
You can thoroughly rinse off any shampoo.

Residue shampoo after showering can be a cause of scalp itchiness or a bad odor. “Scalp Clean” circulates the water in a cup shaped shower head.

By massaging the “cup” on your head, the circulating water will thoroughly wash away any residual shampoo. You can also wash hard to clean areas such as behind your ears and the back of our neck. Or if you want, you can use the shower head in the bath to massage your head without using water..

Styling will also be easier if you are able to thoroughly wash your hair. Your scalp will feel better from the massaging effect of the swirling water and the shower head cup. This design makes it easy to use for both children and elderly people.

Conditions of Use. Product Specifications

Product name SCULP CLEAN
Product No. TK-6001
Country of Manufacture Japan
Warranty Period One year from date of purchase.

※Quality Improvement of the product/safety improvement may change without notice.

Important Notice before Using

  1. Use only on your household shower.
  2. Only use water.
  3. The water temperature may change due to the differences in water pressure and hot water system. Please check the water temperature before use. (There is a risk of being burned by hot water).
  4. Don’t use water hotter than 60℃.
  5. Don’t let the product freeze. This could damage the product.
  6. Dropping the product could cause injuries.
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