Shower Head OEM Q&A

Shower Head OEM

Original Products Design

You can get your original logo engraved on the shower head, or even design your own original shower head shape.
Q.01Can you produce original shower heads?
Yes!! By designing a new mold we can manufacture any new shower head shape.
Q.02Can you engrave an original logo?
Yes!! You can change the logo to your own laser engraved logo.
Q.03Can you produce an original color shower head?
Yes. We can produce a shower head made in any original color.
Q.04How much are the initial costs?
Engraving an original logo or making an original color will both cost around ¥30 000.
Q.05What is the minimum production size?
We can make any order size however production costs will vary depending on the size of the order.
  • ※Laser engraving Minimum order 200
  • ※Original color minimum 200
Q.06What does the packaging cost?
It depends on the size of the order. Enquiries welcome.
Q.07Can I order the shower head in original packaging?
Yes. There will be set up and design costs. Design costs are not necessary if you can provide the original data. The packaging price will vary with order size.
Q.08What are the initial costs for producing a mold for an original shower head?
Costs will vary depending on the mold design, planning and development. Enquiries welcome.
Q.09What type of shower head is OEM possible?
Any of our shower head range can be OEM.
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Head Office: 1095 Hinaga Yamagata City Gifu Prefecture 501-2253 TEL:0581-53-2653 FAX:0581-53-2654
Gifu Branch: TKS Building 2-4 Kinoshita-cho Gifu City 500-8154 TEL:058-248-5811 FAX:058-248-5812